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  1. Apr 04

    National Geographic video/my work in Iran

    National Geographic Creative posts the NGT Explorer video about my journeys to Iran for National Geographic Magazine.

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  2. Apr 28

    The War Photographers

    The War Photographers, a film in which I am featured, is the Official Selection 2014, Newport Beach Film Festival. It is making the rounds at festivals.

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  3. Apr 01

    NYT Lens!

    Here is a story I wrote and pix edited with NYT Lens about my father Aram Avakian's rare photos of jazz greats:

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  4. Jan 06

    Review on

    "Look at one of the more “ordinary” images, like Alexandra Avakian’s 2002 photo, “Tufaha Baydayn, a Lebanese American, fled Lebanon’s civil war in the 1970s. Dearborn, Michigan.” It shows an elderly, bespectacled lady clad in a cotton nightgown, slippers and headscarf pushing a red lawnmower over the grass outside her…

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  5. Dec 27

    New York Times review

    "...A color photograph by Alexandra Avakian...shows a woman sitting in a bed, her open hospital gown exposing a bandaged breast. She’s looking away to her right while a young boy stands at bedside gazing at her. The title explains: “Leonora Gregorian was tortured and raped in front of her 4-year-old…

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  6. Nov 01

    10 Fotogras Guerreras

    Very happy to be on this influential photography site from Spain with these terrific women photographers :

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  7. Sep 20

    New York Times Lens

    Very pleased to take part in honoring some great editors in New York Times' Lens. I chose Robert Stevens, formerly of Time Magazine:

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  8. May 26

    Avakian on KPCC Radio’s new AudioVision Blog

    See the gallery, listen to the interview, read the story here:

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