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  1. May 20

    So much, moving fast

    Working on two yet-to-be-announced media projects, and spending time with my beloved family. Need to find time soon to write and edit my pix for another, quite different book!  My son at boarding school:    

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  2. Mar 01

    An upcoming documentary

    A notice about a Canadian documentary on three women photojournalists who have covered wars, famines, revolution, and more: Yunghi Kim, Carol Guzy, Alexandra Avakian Directed by Andrea Pritchard

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  3. Mar 05

    New cover of Smithsonian Magazine

    The new Smithsonian Magazine cover features my photo below of an ancient Assyrian monument in Nimrud, Iraq, now-destroyed by Islamic State. IS has shattered it. (The black marks are by an artist working for Smithsonian Magazine. She also turned my color pic into B&W)

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  4. Oct 12

    For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    A post from my first experience with breast cancer, which was photographed by my family a me. Lens: The New York Times published it and so did their Wellness site:

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  5. Apr 24

    In honor and remembrance of the Armenian Genocide/100th Anniversary

    For the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide on April 24th! The Turks committed their many rapes, torture, thefts, starving, and massacres of Armenians not only in Turkey, but in in Syria where they marched them through the desert. Syria was under Ottoman control at the time. I had to…

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  6. Apr 03

    In celebration of hopeful progress: U.S.-Iran Framework Agreement

    Some pictures of my deep journey in Iran for National Geographic:

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  7. Dec 18

    Happy Holidays

    From a Christmas with my husband in Oman:

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  8. Nov 08

    Smithsonian Magazine: My photos of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

    For the 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall tomorrow, Smithsonian Magazine website publishes my photos and story of what it was like to be there:

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